Report of Assessment and Research Activities 2007 Contents

IPHC research program: Review of 2007 projects and proposals for 2008 - IPHC Staff

Fishery Removals

  • 2007 commercial fishery and regulation changes - Heather L. Gilroy, Lara M. Hutton, and Kirsten A. Gravel
  • 2007 sport fishery - Calvin L. Blood
  • Wastage of legal-sized halibut in the 2007 Pacific halibut fishery - Heather L. Gilroy
  • Re-estimation of sublegal discard mortality in the halibut fishery - Heather L. Gilroy and William G. Clark
  • The personal use harvest of Pacific halibut in 2006 - Gregg H. Williams
  • Retention of sublegal halibut in the Area 4D/4E CDQ fishery: 2007 harvests - Gregg H. Williams

Sampling and analysis

  • Commercial catch sampling - Lara M. Hutton and Kirsten A. Gravel
  • Age distribution of the commercial halibut catch for 2007 - Joan E. Forsberg

Population Assessment

  • International Pacific Halibut Commission Stock Assessment Workshop - IPHC staff
  • Report on the 2006 Assessment and Harvest Policy of the International Pacific Halibut Commission - RICC Francis
  • UM Independent System for Peer Reviews Consultant Report on: International Pacific Halibut Commission (IPHC) stock assessment and harvest policy review - Paul A. Medley
  • Staff response to the CIE reviewers' reports - William G. Clark, Steven R. Hare, and Raymond A. Webster
  • Assessment of the Pacific halibut stock at the end of 2007 - William G. Clark and Steven R. Hare
  • Effect of station depth distribution on survey CPUE - William G. Clark
  • Effect of hook competition on survey CPUE - William G. Clark
  • Effect of migration on achievement of proportional harvest under a system of survey apportionment of total catch - William G. Clark
  • Comparison of setline and trawl survey catch rates in different areas - William G. Clark
  • Questions about fishery-survey interactions - Raymond A. Webster and William G. Clark
  • Modeling migration distance using the IPHC PIT tag-recovery data - Raymond A. Webster, William G. Clark and Joan Forsberg
  • Analysis of PIT tag recoveries through 2007 - Raymond A. Webster
  • 2007 IPHC harvest policy analysis: past, present, and future considerations - Steven R. Hare and William G. Clark
  • New estimates of bottom area in IPHC regulatory areas - Steven R. Hare

Incidental Catch of Halibut

  • Incidental catch and mortality of Pacific halibut, 1962-2007 - Gregg H. Williams
  • Pacific halibut discard mortality rates in the 2006 open access and CDQ groundfish fisheries, and recommendations for discard mortality rates needed for monitoring halibut bycatch in 2008 CDQ fisheries - Gregg H. Williams
  • Halibut bycatch limits in the 2007 Alaska groundfish fishery - Gregg H. Williams
  • The Bering Sea trawl fishery Prohibited Species Donation Program: Results from 1998-2007 - Gregg H. Williams

Biological research


  • Examination of genetic population structure in spawning adults of Pacific halibut: laboratory and field work completed in 2007 - Lorenz Hauser, Timothy Loher, James Rhydderch and Lyndsay Newton
  • Oceanographic monitoring on the IPHC setline survey in 2007 - Lauri L. Sadorus and Steven R. Hare
  • Estimating halibut hooking success using DIDSON sonar - Stephen M. Kaimmer and Stephen Wischniowski
  • 2007 hook size and spacing experiment - Stephen M. Kaimmer and Bruce M. Leaman
  • 2007 dogfish mischmetal experiments - Steve Kaimmer and Alan Stoner
  • Homogeneity test for the Pacific sleeper shark (Somniosus pacificus): Project update - Stephen Wischniowski, Trent Garner, Caroline Cameron


  • Portside and survey vessel sampling for recovered PIT tags in Pacific halibut - Joan E. Forsberg
  • Tagging studies - Joan E. Forsberg
  • Characterization of seasonal onshore-offshore migration timing, and active spawning depth and period of Gulf of Alaska halibut, with evidence of possible skipped spawning - Timothy Loher
  • Early-spring dispersion of halibut from Areas 2A and 2B, evaluated via Pop-up Archival Transmitting (PAT) tags - Timothy Loher and Calvin Blood
  • Assessing seasonal migration and putative spawning location of adult Pacific halibut in the southeast Bering Sea using Pop-up Archival Transmitting (PAT) tags - Timothy Loher and Andy Seitz
  • Use of archival tags to study migration and behavior of male and pre-recruit Pacific halibut (Hippoglossus stenolepis): phase I, development of surgical techniques - Timothy Loher and Renee Rensmeyer


  • 2007 standardized stock assessment survey - Eric Soderlund, Claude L. Dykstra, Tracee Geernaert, Erica Anderson, and Aaron M. Ranta
  • Prior hook injuries: results from the 2007 IPHC SSA and NMFS surveys - Stephen M. Kaimmer and Richard C. Leickly
  • Age distribution of Pacific halibut in the 2007 IPHC stock assessment setline survey - Joan E. Forsberg
  • Cruise report for the 2007 NMFS Bering Sea trawl survey - Lauri L. Sadorus and Robert Lauth
  • Size and age composition of Pacific halibut in NMFS Bering Sea shelf trawl surveys - Lauri Sadorus, Robert Lauth, and Aaron M. Ranta
  • Cruise report for the 2007 NMFS Gulf of Alaska trawl survey - Lauri L. Sadorus and Mark E. Wilkins
  • Abundance, distribution, and age composition of the Pacific halibut as estimated by the NMFS Gulf of Alaska trawl survey - Lauri L. Sadorus, Mark E. Wilkins, and Aaron M. Ranta

Aging and Otoliths

  • Using otolith chemistry to determine halibut nursery origin: progress in 2007 - Timothy Loher and Stephen Wischniowski
  • Detecting, interpreting, and measuring false annuli in Pacific halibut ages one to four from the Bering Sea - Stephen Wischniowski and Timothy Loher
  • Technique development for age determination of the Pacific sleeper shark (Somniosus pacificus) - Stephen Wischniowski

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