28-29 November 2017
Grand Hyatt Seattle
Seattle, WA, USA
Chairperson: Dr. James Balsiger (USA)
Vice-Chairperson: Mr. Paul Ryall (Canada)


DocumentTitleAvailable onLinkPresentation
IPHC–2017–IM093–01 Draft: Agenda and schedule for the 93rd Session of the IPHC Interim Meeting (IM093) (14 October 2017) 22 Aug 2017
14 Oct 2017
IPHC–2017–IM093–02 Draft: List of Documents for the 93rd Session of the IPHC Interim Meeting (IM093) 14 Oct 2017
10 Nov 2017
IPHC–2017–IM093–03 Update on actions arising from the 93rd Annual Meeting (AM93) 24 Oct 2017 pdf  
IPHC–2017–IM093–04 Report of the IPHC Secretariat (2017): Draft 26 Oct 2017 pdf  
IPHC–2017–IM093–05 Fishery statistics (2017): Preliminary 26 Oct 2017 pdf  
IPHC–2017–IM093–06 Fishery Independent Setline Survey (FISS) design and implementation in 2017, including current and future expansions 26 Oct 2017 pdf  
IPHC–2017–IM093–07 Space-time modelling of fishery-independent setline survey data 27 Oct 2017 pdf  
IPHC–2017–IM093–08 Summary of the 2017 stock assessment and draft harvest decision table      
IPHC–2017–IM093–09 Draft: Pacific halibut catch tables      
IPHC–2017–IM093–10 IPHC Management Strategy Evaluation (MSE): update  8 Nov 2017 pdf  
IPHC–2017–IM093–11 IPHC 5-year Biological and Ecosystem Science Research Program: update 29 Oct 2017 pdf  
IPHC–2017–IM093–12 Evaluation of the IPHC's 32" minimum size limit 18 Oct 2017 pdf  
IPHC–2017–IM093–13 Update on progress regarding the implementation of the 1st IPHC Performance Review recommendations 16 Oct 2017 pdf  
IPHC–2017–IM093–14 2nd IPHC Performance Review: Update 16 Oct 2017 pdf  
IPHC–2017–IM093–15 Financial Statement for FY2017 30 Oct 2017
10 Nov 2017
IPHC–2017–IM093–16 Handling of the Annual Budget Carryover 29 Oct 2017 pdf  
IPHC–2017–IM093–17 Budget estimates for FY2018 and FY2019 (for approval) and tentatively for 2020  10 Nov 2017 pdf  
IPHC–2017–IM093–18 IPHC Financial Regulations (2018) 29 Oct 2017 pdf  
IPHC–2017–IM093–19 Independent auditor’s report (2016)      
IPHC–2017–IM093–20 Preparation for the 94th Session of the IPHC Annual Meeting (2018) 26 Oct 2017 pdf  
IPHC–2017–IM093–21 Date and place of the 94th and 95th Sessions of the IPHC Interim Meeting (2018 and 2019) 27 Oct 2017 pdf  
IPHC–2017–IM093–22 IPHC meetings calendar (2018-20) 27 Oct 2017 pdf  


Contracting Party (Agency) updates Title Available on Link 
IPHC-2017-IM093-AR01 Fisheries and Oceans Canada None Provided    
IPHC-2017-IM093-AR02 NOAA – National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) None Provided    
IPHC-2017-IM093-AR03 North Pacific Fishery Management Council (NPFMC) None Provided    
IPHC-2017-IM093-AR04 Pacific Fishery Management Council (PFMC) None Provided    


Regulatory Proposals for 2018
Document Title Available on Link 
IPHC Secretariat regulatory proposals for 2018
IPHC–2017–IM093–PropA1 IPHC Closed Area (Sect. 10) (IPHC Secretariat)  27 Oct 2017 pdf  
IPHC–2017–IM093–PropA2 Fishing Periods (Sect. 8) (IPHC Secretariat) 26 Oct 2017  pdf  
IPHC–2017–IM093–PropA3 Removal of exemption for VMS requirement for IPHC Regulatory Area 4 clearances (Sect. 15) (IPHC Secretariat)  27 Oct 2017 pdf  
IPHC–2017–IM093–PropA4 IPHC Fishery Regulations: minor amendments (IPHC Secretariat)  27 Oct 2017 pdf  
IPHC–2017–IM093–PropA5 Discussion paper: Frozen-at-sea exemption for head-on requirement (Sect. 13) (IPHC Secretariat)  27 Oct 2017 pdf  
Contracting Party (Agency) regulatory proposals for 2018
IPHC–2017–IM093–PropB1 CDQ Leasing in IPHC Regulatory Area 4 (NMFS)  29 Oct 2017 pdf  
IPHC–2017–IM093–PropB2 Clarify Alaska Sport Fishery Regulations (NMFS)  29 Oct 2017 pdf  
IPHC–2017–IM093–PropB3 Clarify Head-On Weight Requirement in Alaska Commercial Fisheries (NMFS)  29 Oct 2017 pdf  
Other Stakeholder regulatory proposals for 2018
IPHC–2017–IM093–PropC1 Catch limit proposals (Sect. 11) (Various)  29 Oct 2017 pdf  
IPHC–2017–IM093–PropC2 Preserving Catch on Private Live-Aboard Vessels
(Andrew Cooper, Sport Fisherman)
16 Aug 2017 pdf  
IPHC–2017–IM093–PropC3 For Unguided Sport Fishing
(Patricia Phillips, Pacific Fishing Inc.)
14 Sep 2017 pdf  
IPHC–2017–IM093–PropC4 Sport Fishing for Halibut - Cleaning Regulations
(Steve Riehemann, Captain/Private Vessel Owner)
22 Sep 2017 pdf  
IPHC–2017–IM093–PropC5 Elimination of Law Requiring Skin to Be Left on Halibut Fillets
(James Shirk, Recreational Fisherman)
13 Oct 2017 pdf  
IPHC–2017–IM093–PropC6 Exemption from Processing Limitations for Recreational Live-Aboard Vessels
(David Robertson, Recreational Fisherman)
16 Oct 2017 pdf  
IPHC–2017–IM093–PropC7 Eliminate the Requirement for a Charter Halibut Permit
(Steve Riehemann, Private Vessel Captain)
18 Oct 2017 pdf  
IPHC–2017–IM093–PropC8 Allow Shellfish Pots on Commercial Halibut Vessels
(Alaska Longline Fishermen's Assoc., ALFA)
22 Oct 2017 pdf  
IPHC–2017–IM093–PropC9 Processing Halibut into Greater Than Four Filets
(Mark Cowart, Sports Fisherman)
24 Oct 2017 pdf  
IPHC–2017–IM093–PropC10 Revision to the Method Used to Measure Length of Halibut
(Richard Yamada, Alaska Charter Assoc.)
25 Oct 2017 pdf  
IPHC–2017–IM093–PropC11 Long Term Storage of Halibut Aboard Pleasure Vessels
(Lee Thompson, Private Sport Fisherman)
25 Oct 2017 pdf  
IPHC–2017–IM093–PropC12 Long Term Storage of Halibut on Full Time Cruising Vessels
(Wayne Cornell, Private Sport Fisherman)
25 Oct 2017 pdf  
IPHC–2017–IM093–PropC13 Allowing Retention of Halibut in Pot Gear in the Bering Sea
(Jeff Kauffman, St. Paul Fishing Company)
27 Oct 2017 pdf  
IPHC–2017–IM093–PropC14 Status Quo Harvest Measures for Guided Anglers in Area 3A
(Richard Yamada, Alaska Charter Assoc.)
27 Oct 2017 pdf  


Reports from subsidiary bodies Title Available on Link 
IPHC-2017-SRB10-R Report of the 10th Session of the IPHC Scientific Review Board (SRB10) 11 Jul 2017 pdf  
IPHC-2017-SRB11-R Report of the 11th Session of the IPHC Scientific Review Board (SRB11) 29 Sep 2017 pdf  
IPHC-2017-MSAB09-R Report of the 9th Session of the IPHC Management Strategy Advisory Board (MSAB09) 22 May 2017 pdf  
IPHC-2017-MSAB10-R Report of the 10th Session of the IPHC Management Strategy Advisory Board (MSAB10) 27 Oct 2017 pdf  
IPHC-2017-CB087-R Report of the 87th Session of the IPHC Conference Board (CB87) 30 Jan 2017 pdf  
IPHC-2017-PAG22-R Report of the 22nd Session of the IPHC Processor Advisory Board (PAG22) 30 Jan 2017 pdf  


Information papers Title Available on Link 
IPHC-2017-IM093-INF01 Understanding the IPHC’s harvest decision table 26 Oct 2017 pdf