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Setline Survey - Catch Per Unit Effort (CPUE). This interactive uses raw numbers collected on survey that have not been adjusted for hook competition, timing in relation to the commercial season, or other adjustments that are made by the stock assessment team for their analysis. You can choose to view weight per unit effort (WPUE) or numbers per unit effort (NPUE) for all sizes of halibut or segregated into those under 32 inches in length (under the legal size limit, sublegals) and those over 32 inches in length (legal size).  You’ll be able to see how different proportions of catch fall into different depth bins, as well as see details about specific stations, including top ranked stations in the areas selected. Using our Setline Survey - Data Download interactive query, you can download choose to dowload all data or specfic datasets from our interactive query. 

The following interactive maps are currently being developed:

Bycatch encounters on our Setline Survey:  

In addition to sampling halibut, incidentally captured species are enumerated, providing an insight into where these species commonly occur within IPHC convention area.

Seabird sightings on our Setline Survey

At the end of every set, sea samplers record a ‘snapshot’ of seabirds present behind the boat, identifying and estimating numbers of each species observed within and outside a 50 meter radius from the stern of the boat.