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IPHC Media Release 2020-007 Notification of IPHC Regulatory Area 2A Directed Commercial and Recreational License Applications Available for Submission

21 February 2020

SEATTLE – The International Pacific Halibut Commission (IPHC) Regulatory Area 2A is located on the West Coast of the U.S.A. in waters off Washington (WA), Oregon (OR), and California (CA). The IPHC sets the overall mortality limit for the area. The IPHC Regulatory Area 2A Catch Sharing Plan as put forth by the Pacific Fishery Management Council and NOAA Fisheries provides the formulas to then allocate Pacific halibut among user groups in IPHC Regulatory Area 2A.

Directed commercial and recreational charter vessels retaining Pacific halibut in IPHC Regulatory Area 2A must be licensed by the IPHC. Federal and state licensing requirements may also apply.

Applicants may choose from three directed commercial and one recreational charter fishery licenses for 2020 on the application form, by the associated deadlines noted below. All applications must be completed no later than 11:59 p.m. (PST) on the applicable deadline date.

  • Directed commercial fishery - 30 April 2020 (may also apply for a license incidental to the sablefish fishery)
  • Incidental commercial fishery during the sablefish fishery - 16 March 2020 (may also apply for a license to the directed commercial fishery)
  • Incidental commercial fishery during the salmon troll fishery - 16 March 2020 
  • Recreational charter Fishery - No Deadline

Applications must be submitted via the IPHC website at the following link:

2020 license application form: http://bit.ly/IPHC-Regulatory-Area-2A-License

No applications submitted by fax, mail, or email will be accepted.

For further information please contact the IPHC Secretariat at secretariat@iphc.int or 206.634.1838.

IPHC Secretariat
International Pacific Halibut Commission
2320 W. Commodore Way, Suite 300
Seattle, WA 98199-1287
206-634-1838 | www.iphc.int