IPHC News Release 2017-33 New IPHC Website Launched

19 December 2017



The IPHC Secretariat is pleased to announce that our new website was launched on Friday, 15 December 2017: https://iphc.int/.

Our new website has five categories of content which include ‘The Commission, Science and Research, Fisheries, Data, Meetings, and Documents.

The Meetings section of our website contains all the information about the Commission and its subsidiary body meetings including meeting documents, agenda, schedule, and registration links. Additionally, IPHC publications, meeting documents, and reports can be found and downloaded from the Documents section of the website. 

The IPHC Secretariat staff will continue to develop different ways to publish data and statistics for our stakeholders. This is evident through our interactive maps and our online fishery-independent setline survey data query. Areas we are still developing will be indicated on the website as such and be completed over the coming months.

Updated weblinks:

Noting that the launch of the new website has resulted in new webpage address links, below are a list of a few key pages required for the upcoming 94th Session of the IPHC Annual Meeting (AM094):

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David T. Wilson, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Phone: (206) 634-1838
Fax:     (206) 632-2983
Web:  www.iphc.int

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