Report of Assessment and Research Activities 2015

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IPHC-2015-RARA25 IPHC Secretariat Report of Assessment and Research Activities 2015 iphc-pdf-icon.png 25 2015


Section I

1.1 2016 Annual Research Plan - November 2015

Section II: The Fishery

2.1 2015 commercial fishery and regulation changes - Heather L. Gilroy, Lara M. Erikson, Thomas M. Kong, and Kirsten A. MacTavish

2.2 2015 halibut sport fishery review - Claude Dykstra

2.3 Incidental mortality of halibut in the commercial halibut fishery (Wastage) - Heather L. Gilroy and Ian J. Stewart

2.4 The personal use harvest of Pacific halibut through 2015 - Heather L. Gilroy

2.5 Retention of U32 halibut in the 2015 Area 4D/4E CDQ halibut fisheries - Lara M. Erikson

2.6 Commercial catch sampling - Lara M. Erikson, Thomas M. Kong, and Kirsten A. MacTavish

2.7 Analysis of length-weight data from commercial sampling in 2015 - Raymond A. Webster, Lara M. Erikson, and Kirsten A. MacTavish

2.8 Age distribution of the commercial halibut catch for 2015 - Joan E. Forsberg

Section III: Population Assessment

3.1 Overview of data sources for the Pacific halibut stock assessment and related analyses - Ian J. Stewart and Cole C. Monnahan

3.2 Assessment of the Pacific halibut stock at the end of 2015 - Ian J. Stewart, Cole C. Monnahan, and Steven Martell - Raymond A. Webster and Ian J. Stewart

3.3 Regulatory area harvest policy calculations and catch tables - Ian J. Stewart

3.4 Exploring index-based PSC limits for Pacific halibut - Steven Martell, Ian Stewart, and Catarina Wor

3.5 Developments in Management Strategy Evaluation/Management Strategy Advisory Board - Steve J.D. Martell, Bruce M. Leaman, Ian J. Stewart, Stephen W. Keith, Chris Joseph, Adam Keizer, and Michele Culver

Section IV: Incidental catch of Pacific halibut

4.1 Incidental catch and mortality of Pacific halibut, 1962-2015 - Gregg H. Williams

4.2 Halibut bycatch limits in the 2015 Alaska groundfish fishery - Gregg H. Williams

4.3 The Alaska groundfish trawl fishery Prohibited Species Donation program: Preliminary results for 2015 - Gregg H. Williams

4.4 A reexamination of halibut bycatch in Alaska state-managed shellfish fisheries - Gregg H. Williams

4.5 Recommendations for Pacific halibut discard mortality rates in the 2016-2018 groundfish fisheries off Alaska - Gregg H. Williams

Section V: Research


5.1 IPHC oceanographic monitoring program 2015 (Appendix) - Lauri L. Sadorus and Jay Walker

5.2 Trends in seabird occurrence on stock assessment surveys (2002-2015) - Tracee O. Geernaert

5.3 Clean otolith archive collection - Robert S. Tobin and Joan E. Forsberg

5.4 Marine mammal depredation on IPHC standardized setline surveys: a look at killer whales and sperm whales as major depredators in Alaska waters - Nicholas Wong


5.5 Tagging studies - Joan E. Forsberg

5.6 Captive holding to develop long-term archival tagging protocols in Pacific halibut - Timothy Loher and Tracee O. Geernaert

5.7 Wire tagging Pacific halibut on NMFS trawl surveys: 2015 pilot study - Joan E. Forsberg, Lauri L. Sadorus, Paul Logan, Zach Kelleher, and Crystal Pedersen

5.8 Deployment and reporting of pop-up archival transmitting (PAT) tags to study seasonal dispersal of Pacific halibut in the southern Salish Sea - Timothy Loher


5.9 2015 Standardized stock assessment survey - Ed Henry, Eric Soderlund, Anna M. Henry, Tracee O. Geernaert, Aaron M. Ranta, and Thomas M. Kong (Table 1 updated 9/22/16)

5.10 Eastern Bering Sea setline survey expansion and trawl calibration - Raymond A. Webster, Claude L. Dykstra, and Anna M. Henry

5.11 Indexing density in southern Area 2A using West Coast trawl survey data - Raymond A. Webster

5.12 Space-time modelling of setline survey data using INLA - Raymond A. Webster

5.13 Age distribution of Pacific halibut in the 2015 IPHC stock assessment setline survey - Joan E. Forsberg

5.14 Results from the Bering Sea NMFS trawl survey - Lauri L. Sadorus, Robert Lauth, and Aaron Ranta

5.15 Results from the 2015 NOAA Fisheries Service Gulf of Alaska trawl survey - Lauri L. Sadorus, Wayne A. Palsson, and Aaron Ranta

5.16 Prior hook injuries: results from the 2015 IPHC SSA and NMFS trawl surveys - Claude L. Dykstra

Section VI: Scientific Reviews

6.1 Reports of the IPHC Scientific Review Board, 2015 - Sean P. Cox, James Ianelli , and Marc Mangel

6.2 Appendix: Development of the 2015 stock assessment - Ian J. Stewart and Steve J. D. Martell