Report of Assessment and Research Activities 2016

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IPHC-2016-RARA26 IPHC Secretariat Report of Assessment and Research Activities 2016 iphc-pdf-icon.png 26 2016

Chapter 1 - Research Plan for 2017

  1.1 2017 IPHC Biological and Ecosystem Science Research Plan - Josep V. Planas, and IPHC Staff

Chapter 2 - Fishery removals

  2.0 Executive summary - Stephen Keith and Jamie Goen


  2.1 2016 Commercial fishery and regulation changes - Jamie Goen, Lara M. Erikson, and Thomas M. Kong
  2.2 Incidental mortality of Pacific halibut in the directed commercial halibut fishery (Wastage) - Jamie Goen, Lara M. Erikson, and Ian J. Stewart


  2.3 2016 Pacific halibut sport fishery review - Claude L. Dykstra

Personal use and subsistence

  2.4 The personal use (subsistence) harvest of Pacific halibut through 2016 - Jamie Goen
  2.5 Retention of U32 Pacific halibut in the 2016 Area 4D/4E CDQ Pacific halibut fisheries - Lara M. Erikson


  2.6 Incidental catch and mortality of Pacific halibut, 1990-2016 - Claude L. Dykstra

Analysis and supporting information

  2.7 Sampling commercial landings - Lara M. Erikson and Thomas M. Kong
  2.8 Analysis of length-weight data from commerical sampling in 2016 - Raymond A. Webster and Lara M. Erikson
  2.9 Voluntary at-sea sex marking of Pacific halibut in the targeted longline fleet - Timothy Loher, Claude L. Dykstra, Thomas M. Kong, Lara M. Erikson, and Ian J. Stewart
  2.10 Age distribution of Pacific halibut in the 2016 commercial catch - Joan E. Forsberg
  2.11 The Alaska groundfish trawl fishery Prohibited Species Donation Program: Preliminary results for 2016 - Claude L. Dykstra
  2.12 Research basis for estimated Discard Mortality Rates used for Pacific halibut in longline and trawl fisheries - Bruce M. Leaman and Ian J. Stewart

Chapter 3 - Surveys

  3.0 Executive summary - Stephen Keith and Jamie Goen 

IPHC Setline Survey 

  3.1 2016 IPHC fishery-independent setline survey - Ed Henry, Eric Soderlund, Tracee O. Geernaert, Aaron M. Ranta, Thomas M. Kong, and Joan E. Forsberg
  3.2 Area 4CDE edge IPHC survey expansion - Raymond A. Webster and Eric Soderlund

NMFS trawl surveys

  3.3 Results from the Bering Sea NMFS trawl survey in 2016 - Lauri L. Sadorus, Robert Lauth, and Aaron M. Ranta
  3.4 Results from the NMFS Aleutian Islands Biennial Bottom Trawl Survey in 2016 - Lauri L. Sadorus, Wayne A. Palsson, and Aaron Ranta

Analysis and supporting information

  3.5 Results of space-time modelling of IPHC fishery-independent setline survey WPUE and NPUE data - Raymond A. Webster
  3.6 Age distribution of Pacific halibut in the 2016 IPHC fishery-independent setline survey - Joan E. Forsberg
  3.7 Trends in seabird counts from the IPHC fishery-independent setline surveys (2002-2016) - Tracee O. Geernaert

Chapter 4 - Population Assessment

  4.0 Executive summary - David T. Wilson and Ian J. Stewart 

Stock assessment

  4.1 Overview of data sources for the Pacific halibut stock assessment and related analyses - Ian J. Stewart
  4.2 Assessment of the Pacific halibut stock at the end of 2016 - Ian J. Stewart and Allan C. Hicks


  4.3 Setline survey-based apportionment estimates - Raymond A. Webster and Ian J. Stewart

Harvest policy

  4.4 Regulatory area harvest policy calculations and catch tables - Ian J. Stewart
  4.5 An investigation of the current IPHC harvest policy and potential for improvement - Allan C. Hicks and Ian J. Stewart


  4.6 Developments in Management Strategy Evaluation/Management Strategy Advisory Board - Allan C. Hicks and Steve Keith
  4.7 Reports of the IPHC Scientific Review Board (SRB) - Sean P. Cox, James Ianelli, and Marc Mangel (SRB members)

Chapter 5 - Biology and ecosystem research

  5.0 Executive summary - Josep V. Planas

Climate and environment

  5.1 IPHC oceanographic monitoring program aboard the fishery-independent setline survey in 2016 - Lauri L. Sadorus and Jay Walker

Otoliths and aging

  5.2 An examination of otolith growth increments in relation to somatic growth for Pacific halibut (Hippoglossus stenolepis) - Dana Rudy and Joan Forsberg
  5.3 Clean otolith archive collection - Robert S. Tobin and Joan E. Forsberg 

Physiology and genetics

  5.4 Assessing fish condition: Index-based determination of the physiological condition of Pacific halibut - Bryan A. Briones Ortiz
  5.5 Development of production-scale genetic sexing techniques for routine catch sampling of Pacific halibut - Daniel P. Drinan, Lorenz Hauser, and Timothy Loher
  5.6 Initial description of oocyte development in summer and winter caught female Pacific halibut - Josep Planas, Tracee Geernaert, and Kirsten MacTavish
  5.7 Generation of a multi-tissue transcriptomic dataset as a tool to identify potential molecular physiological markers for growth and reproductive studies in the Pacific halibut - Josep V. Planas and Claude Dykstra


  5.8 Pacific halibut tagging studies - Joan E. Forsberg
  5.9 Deployment and reporting of pop-up archival transmitting (PAT) tags to study seasonal and interannual dispersal of Pacific halibut on the northern Bering Sea continental shelf edge -Timothy Loher
  5.10 Wire-tagging on the fishery-independent setline survey: 2016 pilot study - Joan E. Forsberg