Economics Research - Handout

Study of the Contribution of Pacific Halibut to the Economies of Canada and the United States of America

IPHC seeks stakeholder input that characterizes the economic contribution of commercial Pacific Halibut fisheries

Developing an accurate and representative Pacific halibut multiregional economic impact assessment (PHMEIA) requires active participation of our stakeholders, who we ask for necessary data for analysis. In order to capture the economic impacts of the Pacific halibut resource, the IPHC has designed a series of surveys to gather information from the commercial fisheries sector.

Active participants to the Pacific halibut commercial fisheries can complete the survey for 2020, but also retrospectively submit information for 2019. The benefits of providing both year’s information are:

  • Data for 2019, covering pre-covid-19 operations, can be considered a baseline suitable for drawing conclusions under normal circumstances and used for predictions.
  • Data for 2020, covering an abnormal year of operations, can be used to assess losses incurred by the Pacific halibut sectors, but also sectors’ resilience to unfavorable circumstances.

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For further information on the IPHC’s Economic Research visit or please contact the IPHC Secretariat at or 206.634.1838.

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