Eric Soderlund

Eric Soderlund

Survey Coordinator
Fisheries Statistics & Services Branch


Current IPHC Responsibilities:

  • Fishery-Independent Survey Team
  • Fish sales on IPHC Survey ($3 - $5 million annual sales)
  • Hire, train, deploy sea-going field staff (sea samplers)
  • UX lead for at-sea technology (including user manual and training)
  • Survey data visualizations using Tableau


  • B.S. Environmental Science. 1992 Western Washington University, Bellingham WA
  • Survey Operations Technician, International Pacific Halibut Commission, 2003-2009.
  • Translator German-English, Think’z Global IT Translation. Berlin, Germany 2000-2001.
  • North Pacific Groundfish Observer, Saltwater Inc., 1997-1999.

Research Activities:

  • Currently, working on a re-evaluation of the length-to-weight relationship using motion-compensated scales to collect data not available shoreside, such as fresh round weight and fresh dressed weight.


  • Soderlund, Eric, Daniel L. Randolph, and Claude Dykstra. IPHC setline charters 1963 through 2003. International Pacific Halibut Commission, 2012.

Affiliations & Certifications:

  • Graduate Certificate, User Centered Design. 2015 University of Washington, Seattle WA
  • Certificate, Technical and Scientific Communications. 2005 University of Washington, Seattle WA