Lara M. Erikson , B.Sc. / B.A.

Lara M. Erikson , B.Sc. / B.A.

Branch Manager
Fisheries Statistics & Services Branch

206-634-1838 x 7663

Current IPHC Responsibilities:

  • As the Fisheries Statistics & Services Branch Manager, I am responsible for the direction and evaluation of data collection programs necessary for Pacific halibut fishery and stock monitoring, as well as for Pacific halibut fishery management. This includes the commercial port operations to collect fisheries-dependent data, the fisheries-independent setline survey (FISS, or setline survey) to collect fisheries-independent data, programs to gather data from domestic agencies of Canada and the USA on recreational and subsistence fisheries and bycatch in other fisheries, and their resulting databases.  
  • In addition, this Branch of the organization provides support for IPHC research and collaboration with research partners, via the setline survey platform and commercial port operations. This Branch also provides data to domestic agencies of Canada and the USA, and licensing services for Pacific halibut fisheries in IPHC Regulatory Area 2A (Washington, Oregon, and California).
  • Within this Branch are 13 permanent members and seasonal field members of 9-10 in the ports and 25-30 on the vessels. These permanent and seasonal members are organized into three sections, headed by the Fisheries Data Manager, the Port Services Coordinator and the Vessel Services Coordinator.


  • Upon graduating with a second honours degree from University, I worked for several years in Niigata, Japan. Following this, I began my career in Fisheries working as a Fisheries Biologist in the Bering Sea, Aleutian Islands and Gulf of Alaska before shifting to a land based position with the PSMFC (Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission) managing the shoreside Pacific whiting fishery for Washington, Oregon and California. In 2021, I joined the IPHC as a member of the Branch I currently lead. I have and continue to be fortunate to work with a group of highly motivated and dedicated individuals and stakeholders which has made this work both fulfilling and rewarding. My legacy and goal is to leave things better than when I arrived and combined with a passion for Pacific halibut, fisheries and the work we do have fueled me for many years.


  • Bachelor of Arts Honours, Trent University, 1992
  • Bachelor of Science Honours Dean's Honours List, Trent University, 1993