Economy Survey

Study of the Contribution of Pacific Halibut to the Economy of the United States and Canada

The following surveys are designed to gather information that characterizes the economic contribution of commercial Pacific halibut fisheries to all the regions covered by the convention establishing the International Pacific Halibut Commission (IPHC). The intention of the study is to demonstrate the importance of Pacific halibut to the economy of the region where the activity occurs, as well as spillover effects to other areas. The goal is to capture the economic impact along the entire Pacific halibut value chain, from the hook to the plate. The study will account for direct impacts of supplied fish, value added along the supply chain (post-harvest processing, wholesale, retail), as well as economic activity generated by commercial fishers’ expenditures in various sectors. Moreover, the study will also account for so called induced effects, that is economic impact generated by households when spending their incomes from sectors relying on Pacific halibut resource.

All participants are asked to download the relevant survey from the list below and fill the Word form. Each survey begins with an introduction page with instructions. We kindly ask you to read it carefully before starting. Responses should reflect information for the year 2019. Please note that the shared surveys are currently in a draft form and we would appreciate any input on how we could improve these for easier use in the future. 

All comments, as well as completed forms, can be delivered directly to Barbara Hutniczak, Fisheries Economist, Fisheries Policy & Economics Branch, International Pacific Halibut Commission, at Questions and comments can be also directed via phone: 206-634-1838 ext. 7693.

Commercial Vessel Expenditures Surveys

For the 2019 Fishing Year 
Vessels operating in Alaska / IPHC regions 2C, 3 & 4 pdf.gif
Vessels operating in British Columbia / IPHC region 2B  pdf.gif
Vessels operating on the US West Coast (WA, OR, CA) ‚Äč/ IPHC region 2A pdf.gif

Processors Expenditures Surveys

For the 2019 Operation Year 
USA pdf.gif
Canada                                                                                                     pdf.gif