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2nd Session of the IPHC Management Strategy Advisory Board (MSAB02)

Event Details:

Date: 16 October 2013 to 17 October 2013
Location: Seattle, WA, U.S.A.
Venue: IPHC Seattle Office
Time: 09:00 - 17:00 daily
Co-Chairpersons: Dr. Steve Martell (IPHC)

Meeting Documents

Document Title PDF PPT Availability
IPHC-2013-MSAB02-01 MSAB Agenda and Objectives pdf.gif   16 October 2013
IPHC-2013-MSAB02-02 Management Strategy Evaluation Framework pdf.gif   16 October 2013
IPHC-2013-MSAB02-03 IPHC Harvest Policy: Background and Evaluation pdf.gif   16 October 2013
IPHC-2013-MSAB02-04 Review Candidate Fisheries Objectives and Performance Metrics for Investigation pdf.gif   16 October 2013
IPHC-2013-MSAB02-05 Developing Alternative Harvest Policies pdf.gif   16 October 2013
IPHC-2013-MSAB02-06 Meeting Recordings