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IPHC News Release 2018-001 IPHC Completes 94th Annual Meeting

26 January 2018


The International Pacific Halibut Commission (IPHC) completed its 94th Annual Meeting in Portland, OR, U.S.A. on 26 January 2018. More than 200 Pacific halibut stakeholders attended the meeting, with approximately 100 more participating in web broadcasts of the meeting. Annual Meeting information, documents, and presentations are available at the IPHC website (https://iphc.int).

The IPHC did not agree on new Pacific halibut catch limits for 2018, and therefore the catch limits adopted by the IPHC in 2017 remain in place. Both Contracting Parties, Canada and the United States of America, indicated their intention to pursue lower catch limits for 2018 via domestic regulatory processes.

The IPHC approved a fishing period (season) of 24 March – 7 November 2018 for the Canadian and U.S. quota-share fisheries. The treaty tribal commercial fisheries and the incidental Pacific halibut fisheries in IPHC Regulatory Area 2A will occur within these dates. In IPHC Regulatory Area 2A, seven 10-hour fishing periods for the non-treaty directed commercial fishery are recommended: 27 June, 11 July, 25 July, 8 August, 22 August, 5 September, and 19 September 2018.

A subsequent IPHC News Release will provide more details of the 94th Annual Meeting, including the meeting report, regulatory changes, and other actions taken by the IPHC.

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