Conference Board (CB)

The Conference Board is an IPHC advisory panel representing Canadian and United States halibut fishers. The Board was created by the Commission in 1931 to obtain advice and recommendations from halibut harvesters on conservation measures and halibut management. The Board also reviews staff reports and recommendations and provides its advice concerning these items to the Commission at its Annual Meeting, or on other occasions as requested.

The Board is self-regulating in terms of membership and in 2013 there were 64 voting members. Its members are designated by unions, vessel owner organizations, and associations of harvesters throughout the halibut range and include commercial, sport, and tribal interests. The CB is co-chaired by U.S. and Canadian representatives.

Accreditation / re-accreditation requests and any other questions regarding Conference Board membership should be submitted directly to the co-chairs Jeff Kauffman ( and Jim Lane(