Report of Assessment and Research Activities 2014

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IPHC-2014-RARA24 IPHC Secretariat Report of Assessment and Research Activities 2014 iphc-pdf-icon.png 24 2014


Section I

1.1 2015 Annual Research Plan - November 2014 - IPHC Staff

Section II: The Fishery

2.1 2014 commercial fishery and regulation changes - Heather L. Gilroy, Lara M. Erikson, and Kirsten A. MacTavish

2.2 2014 halibut sport fishery review - Steve Kaimmer

2.3 Incidental mortality of halibut in the commercial halibut fishery (Wastage) - Heather L. Gilroy and Ian J. Stewart

2.4 The personal use harvest of Pacific halibut through 2014 - Heather L. Gilroy and Gregg H. Williams

2.5 Retention of U32 halibut in the 2014 Area 4D/4E CDQ fishery - Gregg H. Williams

2.6 Commercial catch sampling - Lara M. Erikson and Kirsten A. MacTavish

2.7 Age distribution of the commercial halibut catch for 2014 - Joan E. Forsberg

Section III: Population Assessment

3.1 Overview of data sources for the Pacific halibut stock assessment and related analyses - Ian J. Stewart

3.2 Assessment of the Pacific halibut stock at the end of 2014 - Ian J. Stewart and Steven Martell

3.3 Setline survey-based apportionment estimates - Raymond A. Webster and Ian J. Stewart

3.4 Regulatory area harvest policy calculations and catch tables - Ian J. Stewart

3.5 Evaluation of commercial logbook records: 1991-2013 - Cole C. Monnahan and Ian J. Stewart

3.6 Accounting for and managing all Pacific halibut removals - Ian J. Stewart, Bruce M. Leaman, and Steven J.D. Martell

3.7 Reports of the IPHC Scientific Review Board, 2014 - Sean P. Cox, James Ianelli, and Marc Mangel

3.8 Developments in Management Strategy Evaluation/Management Strategy Advisory Board - Steve J.D. Martell, Bruce M. Leaman, Stephen W. Keith, and Ian J. Stewart

3.9 Recent developments in the IPHC Management Strategy Evaluation process and size-limit implications - Steven Martell, Bruce Leaman, and Ian Stewart

Section IV: Incidental catch of Pacific halibut

4.1 Incidental catch and mortality of Pacific halibut 1962-2014 - Gregg H. Williams

4.2 Halibut bycatch limits in the 2014 Alaska groundfish fishery - Gregg H. Williams

4.3 The Alaska groundfish trawl fishery Prohibited Species Donation program: Preliminary results for 2014 - Gregg H. Williams 

Section V: Research


5.1 IPHC oceanographic monitoring program 2014 - Lauri L. Sadorus and Jay Walker

5.2 Estimating hooking success for large halibut on circle hooks - Stephen M. Kaimmer

5.3 Juvenile halibut distribution and abundance in the Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska - Lauri L. Sadorus, Ian J. Stewart, and Thomas Kong

5.4 Re-ageing of archived otoliths from the 1920s to the 1990s - Joan E. Forsberg and Ian J. Stewart

5.5 Clean otolith archive collection - Robert S. Tobin and Joan E. Forsberg

5.6 Development of a method for marking Pacific halibut by sex onboard commercial fishing vessels - Orion McCarthy


5.7 Tagging studies - Joan E. Forsberg

5.8 Captive holding to develop long-term archival tagging protocols in Pacific halibut - Timothy Loher and Tracee O. Geernaert

5.9 Trawl tag releases of small halibut in the Bering Sea - Raymond A. Webster

5.10 Modelling mortality and migration as functions of age using PIT tagging data - Raymond A. Webster

5.11 Deployment and reporting of pop-up archival transmitting (PAT) tags to study seasonal dispersal of Pacific halibut in the southern Salish Sea - Timothy Loher


5.12 2014 Standardized stock assessment survey - Ed Henry, Eric Soderlund, Claude L. Dykstra, Tracee Geernaert, Aaron M. Ranta, and Tom Kong

5.13 Age distribution of Pacific halibut in the 2014 IPHC stock assessment setline survey - Joan E. Forsberg

5.14 Trends in seabird occurrence on stock assessment surveys (2002-2014) - Tracee O. Geernaert

5.15 Setline survey expansion and complementary data sources - Raymond A. Webster, Ian J. Stewart, Bruce M. Leaman, Lauri L. Sadorus, Ed Henry, and Claude Dykstra

5.16 Setline survey expansion in 2014 and use of sablefish longline survey data for a deep-water density index - Raymond A. Webster, Claude L. Dykstra, Ed Henry, Eric Soderlund, and Tom Kong

5.17 Cruise report for the 2014 NMFS Bering Sea trawl survey - Lauri L. Sadorus and Robert Lauth

5.18 Size and age composition of Pacific halibut in NMFS Bering Sea shelf trawl surveys - Lauri L. Sadorus, Robert Lauth, and Aaron Ranta

5.19 Results from the NMFS Aleutian Islands biennial bottom trawl survey in 2014 - Lauri L. Sadorus, Wayne A. Palsson, and Aaron Ranta

5.20 Prior hook injuries: results from the 2014 IPHC SSA and NMFS trawl surveys - Stephen M. Kaimmer