IPHC Technical Report Index

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IPHC-2016-TR060 IPHC oceanographic data collection program 2000-2014. pdf.gif
IPHC-2014-TR059 The Pacific Halibut: Biology, Fishery, and Management pdf.gif
IPHC-2012-TR058 IPHC setline charters 1963 through 2003. pdf.gif
IPHC-2012-TR057 Report of the 2010 Halibut Bycatch Work Group. pdf.gif
IPHC-2012-TR056 Development of deployment and retrieval protocols for Passive Integrated Transponder (PIT) tags: Application to Pacific halibut (Hippoglossus stenolepis). pdf.gif
IPHC-2011-TR055 Regulations and management decisions of the Pacific halibut fisheries, 1993-2009. pdf.gif
IPHC-2011-TR054 Changes in commercial catch sampling for Pacific halibut, 1994-2009. pdf.gif
IPHC-2011-TR053 Special setline experiments 1985-1994 objectives, data formats, and collections. pdf.gif
IPHC-2008-TR052 Diet of Pacific halibut (Hippoglossus stenolepis) in the northwestern Pacific Ocean. pdf.gif
IPHC-2008-TR051 A pilot study to evaluate the use of electronic monitoring on a Bering Sea groundfish factory trawler. pdf.gif
IPHC-2006-TR050 Investigating the roles of temperature and exercise in the development of chalkiness in Pacific halibut. pdf.gif
IPHC-2004-TR049 Definition of IPHC statistical areas. pdf.gif
IPHC-2004-TR048 1998 gear and bait experiments. pdf.gif
IPHC-2003-TR047 I. Age validation of Pacific Halibut. II. Comparison of surface and break-and-burn otolith methods of ageing Pacific halibut. pdf.gif
IPHC-2001-TR046 Aging manual for Pacific halibut: procedures and methods used by the International Pacific Halibut Commission (IPHC). pdf.gif
IPHC-2000-TR045 A study of the dynamics of a small fishing ground in British Columbia. pdf.gif
IPHC-2000-TR044 Chalky halibut investigations, 1997-1999. pdf.gif
IPHC-2000-TR043 Diet of juvenile Pacific halibut, 1957-1961. pdf.gif
IPHC-2000-TR042 A review of IPHC catch sampling for age and size composition from 1935 through 1999, including estimates for the years 1963-1990. pdf.gif
IPHC-2000-TR041 Pacific halibut tag release programs and tag release and recovery data, 1925 through 1998. pdf.gif
IPHC-1998-TR040 The Pacific Halibut: Biology, Fishery, and Management (1998) pdf.gif
IPHC-1998-TR039 Size-specific dynamics of Pacific halibut: A key to reduce bycatch in the groundfish fisheries. pdf.gif
IPHC-1998-TR038 Age dependent tag recovery analyses of Pacific halibut data. pdf.gif
IPHC-1997-TR037 Estimates of halibut abundance from NMFS trawl surveys. pdf.gif
IPHC-1997-TR036 Bottom area estimates of habitat for Pacific halibut. pdf.gif
IPHC-1997-TR035 Evaluation of two methods to determine maturity of Pacific halibut. pdf.gif
IPHC-1995-TR034 IPHC research and management of Pacific halibut in the Pribilof Islands through 1994. pdf.gif
IPHC-1995-TR033 Re-evaluation of the 32-inch commercial size limit. pdf.gif
IPHC-1995-TR032 Changes in Commercial Catch Sampling and Age Determination Procedures for Pacific Halibut, 1982 to 1993. pdf.gif
IPHC-1995-TR031 Movements of juvenile halibut in IPHC regulatory Areas 2 and 3. pdf.gif
IPHC-1993-TR030 A Bibliography on Atlantic halibut (Hippoglossus hippoglossus) and Pacific halibut (Hippoglossus stenolepis) culture, with abstracts. pdf.gif
IPHC-1993-TR029 Estimating Sex of Pacific Halibut (Hippoglossus stenolepis) using Fourier shape analysis of otoliths pdf.gif
IPHC-1993-TR028 The 1987 Bristol Bay survey and the Bristol Bay halibut fishery, 1990-1992. pdf.gif
IPHC-1993-TR027 Regulations of the Pacific halibut fishery, 1977-1992. pdf.gif
IPHC-1992-TR026 The 1979 Protocol to the Convention and Related Legislation. pdf.gif
IPHC-1992-TR025 Report of the Halibut Bycatch Work Group. pdf.gif
IPHC-1991-TR024 Egg and yolk sac larval development of Pacific halibut (Hippoglossus stenolepis). pdf.gif
IPHC-1989-TR023 Incidental catch and mortality of Pacific halibut, 1962-1986. pdf.gif
IPHC-1987-TR022 The Pacific halibut: Biology, fishery, and management. International Pacific Halibut Commission.] pdf.gif
IPHC-1986-TR021 Pacific halibut as predator and prey. pdf.gif
IPHC-1982-TR020 Juvenile halibut surveys, 1973-1980. pdf.gif
IPHC-1982-TR019 I. Reducing the incidental catch of prohibited species in the Bering Sea groundfish fishery through gear restrictions. II. A comparison of Pacific halibut and Tanner crab catches (1) side-entry and top-entry crab pots and (2) side-entry crab pots with and without Tanner boards. pdf.gif
IPHC-1980-TR018 Halibut assessment data: Setline surveys in the north Pacific Ocean, 1963-1966 and 1976-1979. pdf.gif
IPHC-1979-TR017 Size, age, and frequency of male and female halibut: Setline research catches, 1925-1977. pdf.gif
IPHC-1978-TR016 The Pacific halibut: Biology, fishery, and management. International Pacific Halibut Commission. pdf.gif
IPHC-1977-TR015 Regulations of the Pacific halibut fishery, 1924-1976. pdf.gif
IPHC-1977-TR014 The Pacific halibut fishery: Catch, effort, and CPUE, 1929-1975, Supplement to Technical Report No. 14 pdf.gif
IPHC-1975-TR013 The sport fishery for halibut: Development, recognition and regulation. pdf.gif
IPHC-1974-TR012 Juvenile halibut in the Gulf of Alaska: Trawl surveys, 1970-1972. pdf.gif
IPHC-1974-TR011 Juvenile halibut in the eastern Bering Sea: Trawl surveys, 1970-1972 pdf.gif
IPHC-1973-TR010 Otolith length and fish length of Pacific halibut. pdf.gif
IPHC-1973-TR009 Laboratory observations on early development of the Pacific halibut. pdf.gif
IPHC-1970-TR008 The size, age and sex composition of North American setline catches of halibut (Hippoglossus stenolepis) in Bering Sea, 1964-1970. pdf.gif
IPHC-1969-TR007 Recruitment investigations: Trawl catch records Eastern Bering Sea, 1963, 1965,and 1966. pdf.gif
IPHC-1969-TR006 The Pacific halibut. pdf.gif
IPHC-1969-TR005 Recruitment investigations: Trawl catch records Gulf of Alaska, 1968 and 1969. pdf.gif
IPHC-1968-TR004 Relationship of halibut stocks in Bering Sea as indicated by age and size composition. pdf.gif
IPHC-1969-TR003 Recruitment investigations: Trawl catch records Eastern Bering Sea, 1968 and 1969. pdf.gif
IPHC-1967-TR002 Recruitment investigations: Trawl catch records Gulf of Alaska, 1967. pdf.gif
IPHC-1967-TR001 Recruitment investigations: Trawl catch records Bering Sea, 1967. pdf.gif