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Since the 1920s the IPHC has documented our research and the fishing industry in photographs, and our collection has grown to thousands of images. Many of the older photos are only available in their original formats as prints or negatives, and many of those are composed of materials that deteriorate over time. To preserve these images and to provide greater public access to our historical data, the IPHC embarked on a preservation project with a Heritage Collections Care Program grant from 4Culture, the cultural funding agency for King County, Washington, where our Seattle office is located. A heritage specialist from The Center for Wooden Boats with extensive experience in historic photograph collections care helped us assess our collection and improve the storage of fragile images, as well as instituting a process for digitizing them. Many of our oldest photos are now available here on the IPHC website, and as we continue scanning old images into our digital archive, we’ll be adding to the collection displayed here.


The International Pacific Halibut Commission requires no fee for the usage of its photographs, and IPHC photographs cannot be sold or used for profit. IPHC photographs remain the property of the IPHC and permission for their use is solely for the above purpose(s). Photographs should not be re-distributed without authorization from the IPHC. The IPHC requires an acknowledgement of IPHC credit for its photos when used.

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