Binget Nilsson , B.Sc.

Binget Nilsson , B.Sc.

Fisheries Data Specialist
Fisheries Data Services Branch

877-334-4844 x 7701

Current IPHC Responsibilities:

  • Liaison between the Pacific Halibut Industry and the IPHC.
  • Gather accurate biological data regarding age, sex, weight and length, as well as log information to assist in the management of the Pacific Halibut Fishery.


  • Worked for IPHC as a Fishery Data Specialist (F) beginning in 1988 during the Pacific Halibut Derby days with my first port being Excursion Inlet. I have sampled in Kodiak, Dutch Harbor, Seward as well as doing several fishery-independent setline surveys since then.
  • Began working as a contract employee at the IPHC office in Seattle in 1995, and continued that job every season until 2003, in the port town of Seward, AK.
  • Returned to work for IPHC in 2018 and am currently staffed in the port of Seward, AK as a Field Data Specialist (F).


  • B.Sc., Chemistry and Oceanography, University of Washington, 1990