Jessica Marx

Jessica Marx

Fisheries Data Specialist
Fisheries Regulations & Data Services Branch

877-334-4844 x 7697


Under the direction of the Port Operations Coordinator in the Fisheries Data Services Branch (FDSB), the Fisheries Data Specialist (Field) (FDS(F)) position is responsible for the International Pacific Halibut Commission’s (IPHC) port operations in a designated port. The FDS(F) will act as the lead on all duties in their assigned location including, but not limited to, collecting logbooks, fish tags, and biological specimens, and representing the IPHC Secretariat in the field. Pacific halibut landings can be highly variable in time and space; therefore, this position requires being on call for extended hours, including Saturdays. Ideal candidates have strong interpersonal and organizational skills including the ability to prioritize tasks and meet deadlines in a rapidly changing work environment, and the ability to collaborate and cooperate with members of the Secretariat, as well as outside contacts and stakeholders.


  • Native of Homer, Alaska. 
  • I have been with the IPHC since July 2002. 


  • 2000 BA Lewis and Clark College.  Portland, OR. 
  • 2017 Graduate Certificate in Fisheries Management.  Oregon State University