Stephen Brennan , M.Sc.

Stephen Brennan , M.Sc.

Fisheries Data Specialist
Fisheries Data Services Branch

877-334-4844 x 7704

Current IPHC Responsibilities:

  • Liaison between the Pacific Halibut Industry and the IPHC
  • Biological fisheries data collection and log information to assist in the management of the Pacific Halibut Fishery


  • Marine Research Assistant, Marine Institute Galway
  • Cetacean Research Assistant, CIMA Foundation Italy
  • Marine Scientific Officer, Northern Ireland Environmental Agency
  • Bluefin Tuna Observer, MRAG
  • Marine Mammal Observer, as contractor for 7 years
  • Survey Leader, Operation Wallacea, Transylvania
  • Field Survey Assistant, Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute Mexico
  • Ecology Field Assistant, University of Stirling


  • M.Sc. Conservation Biology and Ecology Management, Queens University Belfast


  • Fuentes‐Montemayor E, Ferryman M, Watts K, Macgregor NA, Hambly N, Brennan S, Coxon R, Langridge H & Park KJ (2020) Small mammal responses to long-term large-scale woodland creation: the influence of local and landscape-level attributes. Ecological Applications, 30 (2), Art. No.: e02028.