Performance Monitoring

Performance Monitoring

First performance review of the IPHC (PRIPHC01)

In response to calls from the international community for a review of the performance of Regional Fisheries Management Organizations (RFMOs), the International Pacific Halibut Commission (IPHC) agreed in 2011 to implement a process of Performance Review. In undertaking the Performance Review, an independent contractor relied on the following approaches to assess the Commission’s work and practices, track effectiveness, and gauge the need for revised approaches:

  1. Conducting a set of 43 in-depth interviews with a representative and diverse set of stakeholders;
  2. Observing the 2011 Interim and 2012 Annual Meetings and reviewing Commission background materials;
  3. Reviewing practices at other regional fishery management organizations; and
  4. Drawing on its professional judgment and experience.

In 2012, the Independent contractor published a report outlining 12 recommendations (containing 39 parts) to improve the functioning of the IPHC.

In January 2014, the Commission issued a Progress Report, documenting the Commission’s response to the 1st IPHC Performance Review.

Following the Commission Work Meeting held in September 2016, it was agreed that a revised format with responsibilities, updates, timelines for implementation, and proposed priorities, could be developed by the IPHC Secretariat to facilitate improved tracking of implementation of the Performance Review recommendations.

Second performance review of the IPHC (PRIPHC02)

At its 93rd Annual Meeting in 2017, the IPHC agreed to undertake a 2nd Performance Review of the IPHC.

AM093–Rec.13 (para. 153) - The Commission RECOMMENDED that the IPHC Secretariat finalise the draft performance review terms of reference and criteria to conduct the review, and implement the 2nd Performance Review throughout 2017, for presentation to the Commission at its 94th Annual Meeting in 2018.

The following are the key documents, papers and reports for the 2nd Performance Review of the IPHC.