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20th Session of the IPHC Research Advisory Board (RAB020)

Date: 27 February 2019
Location: Seattle, Washington USA
Venue: IPHC Training Room, Salmon Bay
Time: 09:00-17:30 
Chairperson: Dr David T. Wilson (IPHC Executive Director)
Vice-Chairperson: Dr Josep Planas (IPHC Biological & Ecosystem Science Branch Manager)

Meeting Documents

Document Title PDF Availability
IPHC-2019-RAB020-01 Draft: Agenda & Schedule for the 20th Session of the IPHC Research Advisory Board (RAB020)  14 Nov 2018
17 Jan 2019
11 Feb 2019
IPHC-2019-RAB020-02 Draft: List of Documents for the 20th Session of the IPHC Research Advisory Board (RAB020) 22 Jan 2019
11 Feb 2019
IPHC-2019-RAB020-03 Update on the actions arising from the 19th Session of the RAB (RAB019) (D. Wilson & J. Planas) 17 Jan 2019
IPHC-2019-RAB020-04 Outcomes of the 95th Session of the IPHC Annual Meeting (AM095) (IPHC Secretariat) 11 Feb 2019
IPHC-2019-RAB020-05 Overview: IPHC 5-Year Biological and Ecosystem Sciences Research Program (2017-21): Update (J. Planas) 17 Jan 2019
IPHC-2019-RAB020-06 IPHC fishery-independent setline survey (FISS) design and implementation in 2019 (R. Webster & I. Stewart) 23 Jan 2019
IPHC-2019-RAB020-07 Reproductive assessment of the Pacific halibut population (J. Planas) 22 Jan 2019
IPHC-2019-RAB020-08 Sex identification of commercial landings (J. Planas) 23 Jan 2019
IPHC-2019-RAB020-09 Factors affecting somatic growth in juvenile Pacific halibut (J. Planas) 22 Jan 2019
IPHC-2019-RAB020-10 Discard mortality rates and post-release survival in the directed Pacific halibut fishery (C. Dykstra) 22 Jan 2019
IPHC-2019-RAB020-11 Migratory behavior and distribution of Pacific halibut (T. Loher, J. Forsberg & L. Sadorus) 23 Jan 2019
IPHC-2019-RAB020-12 IPHC research topics selected for 2019 (J. Planas) 22 Jan 2019