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8th Session of the IPHC Management Strategy Advisory Board (MSAB08)

Event Details:

Date: 26-27 October 16
Location: Seattle, WA, U.S.A.
Venue: IPHC Seattle Office
Time: 09;00 - 17:00 daily
Co-Chairpersons: Mr. Adam Keizer (Canada), Ms. Michele Culver(WDFW )
Facilitator: Dr. Chris Joseph

Meeting Documents

Document Title PDF PPT Availability
IPHC-2016-MSAB08-01 Agenda & Schedule for the 8th Session of the IPHC MSAB pdf.gif   28 October 2016
IPHC-2016-MSAB08-02 Change to workplan pdf.gif   12 October 2016
IPHC-2016-MSAB08-03 Spatial Model Complexity pdf.gif   28 October 2016
IPHC-2016-MSAB08-04 A description of current harvest policy for Pacific halibut pdf.gif   28 October 2016
IPHC-2016-MSAB08-05 MSAB Progress Report pdf.gif   28 October 2016
IPHC-2016-MSAB08-06 The IPHC's MSAB and Social Media pdf.gif   28 October 2016
IPHC-2016-MSAB08-07 Goals, measurable objectives, and performance metrics pdf.gif   28 October 2016
IPHC-2016-MSAB08-08 SRB feedback on MSAB related work pdf.gif   28 October 2016
IPHC-2016-MSAB08-09 DFO Pacific Science Re-organisation pdf.gif   28 October 2016
IPHC-2016-MSAB08-10 Draft report of the 26-27 October Meeting pdf.gif   28 October 2016
IPHC-2016-MSAB08-11 IPHC staff work plan for MSAB related activities from May 2016 to May 2018 pdf.gif   4 November 2016